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IPA Evangelist

My name is Kin Lane. I am an API Evangelist. If you need more information on what an API is, header over to API Evangelist for the business of APIs, API Voice for the politics of APIs and to actually see some APIs, head over to API Stack.

Beyond the business and politics, there is a darker, parallel universe to this fast growing API driven world. A world of India Pale Ales, also known as IPAs.

A growing number of individuals responsible for APIs, actually drink IPAs.

Mobile applications like Untappd, provide access to information about a variety of IPAs, also has an API.

Gatherings are popping up around the country, where people gather in pubs, drink IPAs and talk about APIs.

IPA Evangelist is dedicated to this phenomemon. My goal is track on on individuals, specific IPAs, breweries and pubs in this space.

This site is hosted on Github, if you'd like to submit stories, feel free to contact me or fork the site and contribute.